quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2009

Belas fotos em HDR

HDR é um jogo de técnicas que permite um alcance dinâmico maior dos valores entre áreas claras e escuras do que técnicas de imagem latente digital normais.

Beautiful Examples of HDR Photography

Three exposure HDRI of “The Ansonia” an Upper West-Side Beaux-Arts style building built in 1899-1904. [link]

The Ansonia by JeffrySG

Kuala Lumpur

. [link]

Kuala Lumpur Nightscape by Ariffin

Maragogi Beach [link]

Signs in Maragogi Beach by Omar Junior


Burano Venice by MorBCN

This picture is a classic scene of the original Tyne bridges in North East England. [link]

Old scene new tricks by Sean Mantey

Veneza [link]

The Beauty of Venice by Last Rounds

Triumph Daytona 675 by Jazz Musician mural in the Fillmore Jazz District, San Francisco. [link]

Triumph Daytona by gngillies

Ratcliff [link]

On Frozen Pond by Trey Ratcliff

Firetruck from Hell


Firetruck from Hell by Luda Arce

Old Dray

South Australia. [link]

Old Dray by Zonifer Lloyd

Central Business District and Boat Quay, Singapore. Sunday morning at 7:45am. [link]

Reflections of CBD by Daniel Cheong

Larry the Mechanic


Larry the Mechanic by Chris

Canons [link]

Canons of Corregidor by mindmurder


Dozer by Donald Fregede


Saturday by Die Skiing!

Fazen by dorli [link]

Fazen by dorli

apartments in NYC. [link]

Apartments by JeffrySG


View from my Rooftop by TooMuch204

Frankenburger at Niagara Falls, Ontario. [link]

Frankenburger by Bryan Scott

Igreja Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes,Itapuã , Viamão. [link]

HDR Church by Omar Junior

Noble Jake


Noble Jake by Blake Lipthratt

Opera House. [link]

Kiev Opera House by Trey Ratcliff

Torre de Tokyo[link]

Tokyo Tower HDR by R23W

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